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Bird feather headdress

Coincidentally, the Gump household name in this biopic, begins with a feather falling: soft white feathers slowly falling from the sky, and with light piano, as an Angel of light. And ending with a feather falling to end: Forrest opened Grandma's stories, feather light on the fly. The entire movie to feather the image expresses a profound life theme: we cannot predict or determine the wind direction is happening in reverse, but even as a feather a breeze, can still keep a pure heart.
To feather the elements comparable to soul in the movie, because it not only floating freely in the air, and is a perfect masterpiece of nature. Feather color is rich and varied, and can cover all of what the human eye can distinguish between colors, will also show metal gloss in the Sun, feathers on the clothes in the Rococo period reached an unprecedented spectacle, especially the feathers on the hat using dye, stereotypes, many complex processes such as veneering, to date, feathered hat is a symbol of elegance and luxury.

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