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How feather pictures

Feathers painting folk art, Shenyang specialty feathers painting using poultry bird color feathers used flat posted, and relief posted, and stereo posted, process hand spell posted process painting I feathers painting history long Mawangdui Han Tomb soil heritage spell posted feathers painting decorations see less has 2000 history its making process period lost 20th century 60 generation early Jinan arts and crafts Institute development work feathers painting making process spread Shandong the Jinan feathers painting Shandong feathers painting representative Jinan arts and crafts plant produced feathers painting theme widely varieties up thousand species its products image realistic poured rich quality Tiger Embossed feather painting representative of Tiger theme embossing paste Tiger modal shape and spirit the spirit with reputation of high artistic value, took part in all the arts and crafts exhibition "spring Tiger" use feathers to keep feathers from color make bright feather painting is more realistic for keeping more long feathers mainly among a few links: feather picking feathers, feathers, feathers disinfection rinse corrosion 1. Feather the selection of feather picking birds were selected for making feather the selection of colorful feather painting a variety of feathered birds found that the pattern needs a feather thumb index finger pinched roots of feathers and then the pliers cut top feather cut feathers close to the edge of the thumb is placed in the box---for 2 alternate picking feathers into the link. Disinfection disinfection feather feathers feather processing key because feathers disinfection of drug use at the outset to do protection work I prepared disinfection solution.

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