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What is the use of ostrich feathers?

The feathers of the ostrich are beautiful and charming. Its appearance is mainly gray, black and white, elegant and luxurious. The ostrich feathers are fluffy except for the main feathers in the middle. The texture is soft, the hand feel is excellent, and the heat preservation performance is good. It is a precious ornament of modern high-end clothing. In addition, the ostrich feather is the only feather without static electricity, and the dust collecting performance is excellent. All the precision scientific instruments and computer parts in the world, in the final step of the purification process, must pass the 鸵 feather dust to be qualified. Due to the above-mentioned unique characteristics of ostrich feathers, people are increasingly demanding feathers. The economic income of ostrich feathers is also considerable. An ostrich produces 1.49 kilograms of feathers per year.

Feathers account for only a small portion of the value of ostrich products, mainly for high-quality fashion, the automotive industry and the toy industry. The European market is mainly in Spain and Italy, and the Asian market is mainly in Japan, and its price has a lot to do with the grade and quality of feathers. Generally, each ostrich produces about one. 6 kilograms of feathers, $125 per kilogram in the European market, and high quality fluffs of up to $1,000 per kilogram.


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