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Application Of Ostrich Feather Clothing In Design

Application of ostrich feather clothing in design

Abstract: The development of clothing with the development of materials and development, with the development of science and technology, a variety of technologies to improve, more and more materials in different processes slowly come out, so the clothing only from the style of modeling changes Has been unable to meet people's new needs and new needs of clothing, people can not meet the needs of self-personality. And this article mainly from the ostrich feather clothing to discuss its application in the clothing design.

Based on the design of ostrich feather garments, Ostrich Feather Apparel this paper collects various kinds of materials, and discusses the application of feather material in fashion design from two aspects.

First, the ostrich feathers as a fabric in the application of clothing

The development of the design of clothing can not be separated from the development of fabric, clothing fabric recycling design has gradually become the main design techniques of fashion designers, the development of the fabric has an important impact on the development of the environment now the theme of the designers more Concerned about the development and application of ecological fabrics, Ostrich Feather Apparel which will become the main trend of fabric development. So designers pay more attention to the application of natural materials in clothing.

In the whole set of clothing, designers generally use feather fabric at the same time will use other materials, fabric, two kinds of fabric contrast, visual effects more abundant. Ostrich Feather Apparel Its clothing design brief, simple, with a strong wearability, and more use of unprocessed, with rough and loose natural materials, such as feathers, cashmere, patterns and more

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