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China Feather Products Market Analysis

China textile Institute of science and Chen Lei and feather products ' an agreement signed in Beijing on October 13, 2011, both through cooperation in areas such as technology, research and development, and jointly promote the China feather and down industry in new product development and market development. Vice President of China textile industry association, Yang Donghui, President of the national textile Association believes that, with the feather fiber technology continues to improve, feather products market will be promising.

Yang Donghui introduction is the first power output of down comforters, feather, is about more than 600,000 tons of annual production, the domestic has formed nearly 30 billion yuan market scale. But at the same time, it must be noted, and feathers in the traditional feather, feather products in Hong Kong are low, nearly 80% feathers were abandoned due to technical bottlenecks, down product prices stubbornly high, low down product penetration.

Yang Donghui analysis, improve the rate of utilization of feather and down products, will create a broader market spaces. In bedding textile products, for example, China's annual production of such products needs 1.3 million ~140 million tons of padding. Down the higher cost of raw materials, about need or 300,000 dollars/ton, so penetration is lower, and feather raw materials cost 50,000 ~6 million/ton. If you feather the filler application well so that it has a better thermal efficiency, have good market prospects.

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