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Feather Pen

From the middle ages to the 19th century, Quill Pen as a writing tool to record each stage of the process of European civilization. Almost all of the text books (such as religion, philosophy, literature, history, science, medicine, business, and management) no not relied on such low cost feather pen to complete. However the first feather pen and appears impossible to trace the origin of.
Information on the earliest record of a Quill was in Italy city of San-d Rowe Amoy (SanVitale) found in church. There of a mosaics are considered to be completed May 17, 547 BC the Church was completed, which shows San Meng Xiu (SLMatthew) at the table when the Gospel was written with Quill and Reed pens. Quill Pen has a lot of merit than ever before, it has flexible, durable, fine tip to cut more, are more likely to spread. So it wouldn't be surprising that, it has naturally become more than 2000 years later the dominant writing instrument. Feather plume tube after fat processed, cut obliquely pointed end dipped in ink to write, the effect is much better than Reed. Quill Pen due to appearance, writing style and unrestrained. Therefore it is very popular in European countries, through a long historical period in Europe has left many classics are immortal ink Quills.

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