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Feather Processing Methods

1, winnowing. The feather in batches into the shake machine, start the blower, the feathers flying in the box, using wool, feathers, lime-sand and the different proportion of foot skin and other debris, falling into the bear boxes, respectively, and collection. In order to guarantee quality, wind bellows to maintain uniform, and then elected by the feathers, disguised as a bag to check.
2, examine the net. Wind feathers after the elections, once again seized hairy stems and stray hairs, and sampled their ash and down content, in line with the required standards.
3, and heap. For inspection after the feathers, based on quality components, adjustments and so down content to meet product standards.
4, packaging. And the back feathers, after retesting samples meet the standard, you can pour into the packaging machine for packaging (each weighing about 165 kilograms), and then remove, sewn in baotou, numbered, weighed is finished.

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