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Goose Feathers Have Good Insulation

① goose feathers are cold insulation materials. Cashmere texture fluffy soft, flexible, with good insulation properties, is a high-level cold insulation filling material, can be made down jacket, was, pillow, hat, sleeping bags and other daily necessities.

② cultural and sporting goods. Is the feather feather feathers, deputy wing feathers, geese feathers can be processed feather fan, badminton, Goose Feather cricket and other supplies.

③ handicrafts. Feathers with natural colors, goose feathers can be made feather flowers, feather paintings and other kinds of decorations. White feathers can be artificially dyed to produce a variety of colorful handicrafts.

④ protein feed. After processing, goose feathers can be made of livestock and poultry protein feed.

⑤ chemical supplies. Feathers in the corner of the protein, goose feathers made by chemical treatment of high viscosity protein solution, Goose Feather can be processed into a variety of chemical products.

The preliminary processing of feathers refers to the process of cleaning, sorting and packaging with good insulation. First, the feathers into a 1-2% of the caustic soda solution filled with a dip, the next day stirring cleaning, with the wash with the water to remove the fat on the feathers, blood and dust. Goose Feather Marsh clean after drying or drying, and classification and packaging.

Goose feathers can be divided into large tail feathers, large wing feathers, chest, back, body side, tail, neck pieces of feathers and feathers and other four species. After the above-mentioned clean and dry after the feathers can be classified according to their classification. When packing, pay attention to "Flying Si" and "blackhead". "Flying silk" refers to the feathers and feathers from the fall off the broken feathers, Goose Feather the main house when the improper operation. "Blackhead" Wu refers to different color plush. Feather to mouth regulations, "Flying Si" content of not more than 10%, "black" amount of not more than 2%. Therefore, the distribution of goose feathers should try to remove the "Flying Si" and "black".

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