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Natural Collection Feather Disinfection Processes

1. Feather disinfection
Feather disinfection is the feather key.
Feathers usually using chlorine dioxide disinfection. The chlorine dioxide into the basin, then slowly pour the water, chlorine dioxide/water ratio is 1:1500, then gently stir after disinfection liquid, feathers can be disinfected. Disinfection Note: Feather after it is put into the water, pressing down, because feathers are very light, not down, it will float on the water, less disinfection function. Then his hands gently rubbing the feathers, while rubbing, do not force or be damaged feathers. Stir, knead a few times repeatedly, feathers dry after disinfection.
And disinfection process in feathers, the feathers are cleaned, remove the dirty stains, keeping the natural color of feather, but in order to make more white feathers and white translucent, white feathers should also be rinsed.
2. Feather rinse
Feather is of the rinsing using 750 times times of bleaching powder. Same way you feather disinfection methods. Rinse the feathers evenly on a cardboard booth, dry in the shade. Dried feathers can be treated.
3. Feather preservation
Sprinkle powdered camphor in dried feathers, camphor powder evenly over surface of the feather, and turning a few times, camphor powder to make better play a preservative effect. Anti-corrosion treated feathers to place 4-5 hours later, it can be used.

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