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Rooster Feather Rich Luster

The Rooster Feather is more beautiful than the hen, the most obvious understanding is: whenever courtship mating season comes, the male bird in order to attract the attention of the hen, it is a colorful, bright color feathers become its proud capital. Therefore, the male feathers in this period of time is also the most beautiful.

Of course, the Rooster Feather is more beautiful than the hen, Cock Feather which also requires the birds themselves to protect consciousness.

The rooster has a tall comb, the rooster feather is long and elegant, and the feathers of the body are gorgeous and glossy. and hen, not only small, hair color monotonous lack of luster, comb and tail feathers are far from the rooster so publicity, in short, long very low-key. Cock Feather The rooster is more beautiful than the hen.

We know that the chickens were domesticated by the native chickens. Wild chickens are also distributed in China's Yunnan, Guangxi and Hainan provinces, and their profiles are similar to those of today's chickens. Chicken is a big family, compared to all kinds of chickens, Cock Feather we will find that the rooster is more beautiful than the hen is a common phenomenon, and the male and female differences most obvious to several peacocks. In this large family of ducks, the same is true of the situation, in which the appearance of Mandarin ducks is the most typical. Cock Feather The rooster feathers are extremely gorgeous, especially the orange sail feathers on the back that stand upright on the wings. And the female Mandarin ducks, the gray-brown, is particularly bleak. It can be seen that the male bird is more beautiful than the hen is not an individual phenomenon, and behind the phenomenon is still hidden scientific truth.

The reasons for the rooster's beauty and the hen's plain are different, but they can all boil down to the result of natural selection. The rooster is beautiful because of the need to show off. Cock Feather In the choice of spouses, hens have the option of active choice, they often choose the feather beautiful rooster as a mate. Because the beautiful feathers of a rooster usually mean a good genetic and healthy body, their offspring also have a higher survival rate, so that the good genetic information of the rooster can be passed down from one generation to the other. The hen's choice tends to be strengthened by generation after generation, only to see the rooster's magnificent beauty today. The hen's insipid is the need of self-protection. Chickens are usually nesting on the ground, and hens are responsible for incubating after spawning. Breeding is their most vulnerable time, in order to their own safety, Cock Feather and ensure the success of breeding, the hen's body color need to be closer to the environment, so as to avoid being discovered by natural enemies. So after generation after generation of natural selection, also appear today people see the hen's low-key dark body color.

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