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The Development Of Feathers

In recent years, feather ornaments have been quietly popular, feathers everywhere in China Yiwu jewelry stores, business is booming. Feather ornaments along with people's favorite, which was heating up, especially by foreigners of all ages.
China is the big poultry feathers is very rich in resources, in the production of poultry, feather has so much pollution to the surrounding environment, feather feathers appeared to avoid the production of poultry pollution and waste of resources, are fully utilized, increased income.
Feather jewelry fabrication method is simple and easy to learn, easy, can choose a variety of chicken, duck and goose feather wool, feathers of even large birds such as ostriches, cartoon made plush feather, feather masks, feather, feather crowns, feather ornaments, feathered headdresses, these works of refined and exquisite workmanship, popular at home and abroad.
Usually we will feather into feather, feather, fiber and feather. Plume of feathers and fiber generally used for pillow, heart filling. Feather into feather and feather, feathers can usually be used for decorations, masks, headdresses soft ciyu used to make plush feather, ornaments and so on.

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